Why Your Business Needs an EPOS-Compatible Card Terminal

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy are key cornerstones to a business’s success. Whether your business already operates an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system or you are considering one, it’s crucial to understand the pivotal role of EPOS compatibility with your card payment processor and card terminal supplier. Having a seamless connection between the two can minimise the risk of errors in your business. When choosing your Card Terminal or EPOS provider, ask about any provider lock-ins that could limit your flexibility.

Tailoring to Specific Needs

For businesses in the hospitality industry, where tips and split payments are common, the integration of an EPOS system with a card terminal is a game-changer. Instead of manually entering these details into the card terminal, the EPOS system seamlessly manages them, reducing errors in bill payments and enhance the level of customer service.

The Benefits of a Seamless Connection

With a solid connection between your Card Terminal and EPOS system, manual payment amount entries become a thing of the past. The EPOS automatically sends the correct payment amount to the Card Terminal, speeding up transactions and reducing errors.

The All-in-One Android-Powered EPOS Solution

Cutting-edge terminals like the Pax A920 and Castles Saturn T1000 deliver a complete EPOS solution in a single machine. This means you can take orders, manage stock, process card payments, and more, all-in-one card machines. Say goodbye to traditional tills!

 EPOS Compatibility: The Standard Today

Today, almost all card terminals are EPOS-compatible. Don’t fall for providers trying to upsell EPOS compatibility as something unique. For instance, of our 10 terminals on offer, all are EPOS compatible. It’s a standard feature, not an add-on. Only WiFi and Ethernet-connected terminals will integrate with EPOS.

Caution in choosing card terminal

Beware of Locked Systems

Stay cautious of providers offering EPOS systems tightly locked to their card payment terminals. This means if you ever decide to switch payment providers, your EPOS may not link with the new provider. Ensure you clarify this before signing up.

A Word of Caution

Being locked with your payment provider and EPOS can mean merchants cannot switch with ease, which means payments have to be manually entered without automation from the EPOS. Be cautious when signing up with a joint EPOS and card terminal deal. Ensure you ask the right questions.

Freedom of Choice with Paynetworx

paynetworx terminals

With Paynetworx EPOS solutions, you have complete freedom of choice. Our EPOS systems are not locked to any provider, including Paynetworx ourselves. While our EPOS and card terminals are sold separately, we offer comprehensive after-sales support to ensure a seamless connection between them.

This flexibility empowers merchants to make payment choices without the fear of being locked in, aligning perfectly with a customer-centric approach.

In conclusion, the compatibility between your EPOS system and card terminal is essential for any business. It streamlines your operations, minimises errors, and enhances customer service. Choosing a system that offers freedom, the ability to switch providers when necessary, and the assurance of constant and cost-effective business systems is paramount in an ever-changing world.