Choosing the Right Card Machine for Your Business

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Navigating the complex world of card payments is essential for businesses. However, selecting the ideal payment platform can be a challenging task. The right choice depends on several factors, including your preferred payment methods, transaction volume, and connectivity options at your business premises. In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the best payment platform and card machine for your business.


EPOS machine

Determining Your Payment Method

As a business, it is essential to determine how you plan to accept payments. There are three primary payment methods, each suited for various scenarios:

1. Card Machine / Terminal
  • Ideal for face-to-face payments, whether your business operates from a physical location or is mobile.
  • Offers high security with built-in features, It can be used for both Cardholder Present (CHP) and Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions; however, please see No. 2 below.
  • Some Card Machines have full Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) capabilities, functioning as both a front till and a payment processing unit.
2. Virtual Terminal
  • Designed for businesses accepting phone payments or utilising pay-by-link options via email.
  • Provides enhanced security, particularly for CNP transactions when using the ” pay-by-link” feature.
  • Ideal for businesses that take pre-bookings, deposits, or operate without face-to-face customer interactions.
3. E-commerce
  • Tailored for online payments, seamlessly integrating with your website via a simple plug-in.
  • Perfect for businesses with an online presence looking for secure and convenient online payment processing.


Exploring Different Connectivity Options for Your Card Machine

Card Machines come in three connectivity types, each suitable for specific business setups:

1. Desktop Terminal
  • Ideal for businesses with a fixed countertop where payments are made, such as convenience stores or car garages.
  • Connected via WIFI or Ethernet, ensuring fast and reliable payment processing.
  • Best suited for businesses with high transaction volumes, like petrol stations, due to rapid card payment processing.
2. Portable Terminal
  • Designed for businesses that accept payments at the counter or within their premises, such as restaurants.
  • Terminals connect via Bluetooth or WIFI, offering flexibility and convenience.
 3. Mobile Terminal
  • Ideal for businesses that take payments at the counter, within the premises, or on the go, such as restaurants offering delivery services.
  • Some terminals, like the Move 5000 and Pax A920, automatically switch between WIFI and GPRS based on signal strength.
  • Perfect for businesses with limited WIFI coverage, such as pub beer gardens.


The right card machine

Making the Right Choice

Understanding your business’s specific card payment needs is essential for efficient payment processing. If your business handles CNP payments, a Virtual Terminal provides enhanced security. Selecting the right connectivity for your Card Terminal ensures seamless payment processing without network interruptions and unnecessary costs for unused features.

Choosing the right machine tailored to your business’s requirements guarantees safe and secure payments, all while optimising your payment system’s effectiveness. For the best results in selecting the perfect payment platform and card machine, consider seeking professional guidance to ensure your business thrives in the world of card payments.